Here’s a tip for a gorgeous workout walk along the lake:

From Fürstengutweg, walk down the Rheingutstrasse (to the right) and the Löhrystrasse (to the left) to the Webersteig. This path along the Rhein leads east to the old Rhein bridge. Once you have crossed the bridge, you can follow the road along the lake through the idyllic Constance Bay around “Hörnle”.
Walk past the casino up to the yacht club and you’ll have a view of Constance from its most beautiful side. From the Hörnle, you can ride back on bus line 5 (approx. 500 m to Boardinghouse HOME – adults only). Or go to the train station and switch to line 9a or 13, which come right to the Boardinghouse HOME – adults only.

No wait times at the Sealife Center

At the Tourist Information Constance, at the train station, you can also get tickets to the beloved Sealife Center. You can thus easily avoid the lines at the often busy ticket counter.


Constance Niederburg

The Niederburg is the oldest part of Constance. Constance’s original center was first mentioned in the year 1176. The “Burg”(castle) part stands for “City” because back then the city was like a fortress surrounded by thick walls. The Niederburg was the suburb of the higher-lying and higher-class Bischofsburg. The Roman castle north of the cathedral comes from the 1st century AD. In addition to many individually owned businesses and pubs, the Niederburg offers a place to relax in the heart of Constance.

Grey Club Konstanz
Max-Stromeyer-Straße 33 I D-78467 Konstanz


Salmannsweilergasse 26 I D-78462 Konstanz


Deli - Cafe I Bar I Restaurant
Bodanstr. 1-3 I D-78462 Konstanz


Berry´s Konstanz
Reichenaustraße 204 I D-78467 Konstanz

Fitness Forum
Bodanstr. 1  I D-78462 Konstanz


Bodensee-Therme Konstanz
Zur Therme 2  I D-78464 Konstanz


La Canoa - KanuZentrum Konstanz
Robert-Bosch-Str. 4  I D-78467 Konstanz


Cosmetic Team Karin Martin
Am Seerhein 8  I  D-78467 Konstanz


Insel Mainau


"Las Vegas" Bowlingcenter
Maybachstr. 18  I  D-78467 Konstanz

Rosgartenstr. 3-5  I D-78459 Konstanz


Wessenberg Galerie
Wessenbergstr. 43  I  D-78462 Konstanz


UNESCO Welterbe Klosterinsel Reichenau


Theater Konstanz


Joseph-Belli-Weg 5  I D-78467 Konstanz


Stadthalle Singen
Hohgarten 4  I D-78224 Singen

LAGO Shopping Center
Bodanstr. 1  I D-78462 Konstanz


Herrenausstatter Zwicker
Marktstätte 14-16  I D-78462 Konstanz


Modehaus Fischer
Obermarkt 1  I D-78462 Konstanz


Seemaxx Factory Outlet Center
Schützenstr. 24  I D-78315 Radolfzell

Bodenseeforum Konstanz
Reichenauerstraße 21 I D-78467 Konstanz

Telefon: +49 7531 12728-0

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