Energy Concept (KFW40 House)

Ökologie & Energiekonzept
1. Minimization of the overall energy consumption Ecology & Energy Concept
Very good thermal insulation of the outer skin and triple glazing reduce energy consumption and ensure comfort.


Very good technology, an efficient piping system and the best thermal insulation of the supply lines minimize heat loss and ensure that the energy is used for the reason is was produced - for your well-being. Top in comfort, hygiene and efficiency - The sanitary engineering in the house combines the useful with economic water supply.

2. Efficient Production and Use of Energy
Efficient production of power and the necessary heating energy by means of a block heat and power unit and gas condensing boiler technology (system expenditure factor 0.70). The produced power is used in the house first and excess energy is fed to the city network. We also produce power by means of a photovoltaic system (39 KW) to feed to the city network.

3. User-Adapted Control
User-adapted control of floor heating, rolling shutters and the general lighting by means of an EIB system.

4. Other Technology for Energy-Efficient Use of our House
Window contacts for efficient control of the heat supply. Power off panel for switching off all non-operating-relevant power consumers. Motion sensors for buttonless lighting of the landings and stairwells. Energy-efficient lighting.

5. Environmentally Safe Production of Our Advertising Media
Our business papers are printed on 100% recycled paper with “Blue Angel” certification. Our informational media is produced on a climate-neutral basis with papers from sustainable forestry as per the FSC standard.

More information on our ecologically and environmentally conscious print materials at:

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